Vettel steals the show in Japan

Sebastian Vettel, Japan. Source Wikipedia


The qualifying battle for the Japanese Grand Prix had much on the line for many top racers.

Sebastian Vettel proved to be one of the top guns, alongside the great Michael Schumacher for qualifying on poll for the 5th consecutive time in Japan.

Retiring Mark Webber who has not been on poll for 2013 had much to prove for his first poll of this year.

Webber, being too quick for his teammate Vettel, stole the show with a brilliant lap to secure his first poll.

The race started with much excitement with Webber having another terrible start being overtaken by Romain Gorsjean.

With what seemed like a Webber victory, looming up was Vettel who attacked right at the end to secure his fifth straight win.

Vettel is now close to securing his fourth successive formula one title but with Fernando Alonso’s forth place means that Vettel’s celebrations will be on hold for a couple of weeks.

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