Gen-Y latest edition to bikie gangs

As if the Gold Coast bikie war isn’t dangerous enough, a report by The Courier Mail has now found a dangerous number of Australian youths involved in several gangs across South East Queensland. Gypsy_Joker_Protest_Run_5

According to the findings, older members of gangs such as the Bandidos and the Gold Coast Brotherhood are recruiting teenagers as young as 16 – some the sons of current members.

The news is frightening after several incidents on the Gold Coast recently, one of which included a brawl at a local restaurant in Southport only a fortnight ago.

“I’d love to be up there with the rest of the boys” said Constable Matthew Lane, a police officer currently situated in Rockhampton.

“I’m missing out on the action, and would love to be able to fight for what’s right on the coast.”

The bikie war on the Gold Coast may need all the help it can get from officers, as incidents continue to occur in several different locations.

With police stretched thin already, the recruitment of younger members only provides a bigger problem for the future.

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