London cabs down under and in white

Source: Aneta Zilvarova

Source: Aneta Zilvarova


Australians will soon have the opportunity to travel in British-style after dozens of London’s iconic cabs arrived at Fremantle Port in preparation for their Australian trial.

Chief executive of London Taxi Company Evan Simeon said most taxis were not built for their original intent.

“When you have a look at the majority of taxis, they are converted sedans which were not built to be cabs and so are not fit for the purpose,” he said.

The purpose-built ‘hot condition’ cabs were made in China by the Greely Group.

Their most distinguishable feat from the original London cabs was their white paint job, specifically made to protect the vehicle from the Australian heat.

“[The cabs] are 20 per cent cooler in the summer time,” Mr Simeon said.

“The shape is distinctive, you won’t miss it. It’s a lot higher than other sedans so you will see it in the distance [that] is easily identifiable.”

According to Mr Simeon, the new London-style cabs would have a lifecycle of 10 to 12 years compared to the six year life expectancy of  Australian taxis.

London Taxi Company is now awaiting submissions from states and territories before deciding where the cabs will be trialled.

“If we decide to trial in Brisbane, an announcement will be made before Christmas, otherwise Brisbane like the other states and territories that we chose not to trial will be part of an Australia wide rollout sometime in 2014,“ Mr Simeon said.

Source: Evan Simeon

Source: Evan Simeon

Source: Evan Simeon

Source: Evan Simeon


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