The “Great Dissenter” preaches peace in Brisbane


Source: Rebecca Singh

More than one hundred people gathered at Brisbane’s St John’s Cathedral on Saturday for the United Nations International Day of Peace.

The Day of Peace lectures connected the congregation with people from all over the world to support the “struggle for justice and peace and the joyful celebration of life.”

Event organisers said the crowd of mixed race and backgrounds came with the singular motive of the hope for world peace.

Retired High Court judge Honourable Michael Kirby AC discussed the importance of peace in today’s world and the significance of human rights at the event.

His Honour focused on his work at the United Nations where he advises on injustices and human rights violations in Syria and North Korea.

He also said that there cannot be peace without human rights, as you need to have respect for the dignity of people everywhere to achieve it.

“Peace in the world is the reason why the United Nations has nominated this day as the International Day of Peace,” Mr Kirby said.

“Peace is important for every human soul to feel at peace in the world with each other.”

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