Safety concerns for holiday goers at Fraser Island


White dingo. Photo: Nannaphat Sritakoonrut
White dingo. Photo: Nannaphat Sritakoonrut

The September school break is one of Fraser Island’s busiest periods and with dingo whelping season arising there is a major concern.

National Parks Minister Steve Dickson voiced concerns that Queensland families should abide by the speed limit and follow dingo protection advice.

“The first thing to remember is that road rules also apply on the beach, so keep to the speed limits, wear seatbelts and don’t drink and drive,” Mr Dickson said.

In dingo whelping season, the dingo pups are learning to hunt and survival skills so travellers should follow the dingo safety information provided by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS).

“Dingos are wild animals and they can be unpredictable,” Mr Dickson said.

“They may be determined and aggressive in their search for food and females will defend their young.”

The instructions state visitors should stay close to children, walk in groups, never feed dingos, lock up the food and secure all rubbish.

According to Department of National Parks Recreation, Sport and Racing four-wheel-driving on Fraser Island can be dangerous.

Travellers must stick to the speed limit, in good conditions, 80km/hr on the beach and 30km/hr on inland tracks.

Holiday goers have been advised to drive on harder sand between the waterline and the high tide mark for the firmest surface.

They have also been advised to keep off sand dunes to avoid beach erosion, with the exception of designated crossing points for access to and from the beach.

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