Man “extremely lucky” to avoid train death


Footage has been released of a young man who was nearly hit by an express train after he jumped in front of it at a rail crossing in Cannon Hill.

Despite there being signs prohibiting such behaviour and a closed pedestrian gate, the young man pushed past the safety warnings and ran across the tracks.

Cannon Hill train station where the incident occurred Photo via
Cannon Hill train station where the incident occurred
Photo via

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson described the footage as shocking and said the young man was “extremely lucky” to have avoided serious injury or death.

“This incident could have easily turned into a tragedy as the man was so close the train hit his leg and knocked him to the ground,” Mr Emerson said.

“The incident shows how easy it is for a pedestrian to miss the danger of a second oncoming train and taking an unthinkable risk which could have been fatal.

“The pedestrian gates at Cannon Hill were closed at the time of the incident – all it takes to stay safe at railway crossings is to pay attention to the signs and signals.”

While the young man was taken to hospital following the incident, he escaped serious injuries and was charged with entering a rail crossing when warning signals were operating.

Mr Emerson reiterated that the Newman Government is committed to keeping Queenslanders safe on the rail network but stressed that individuals needed to take responsibility for their own safety too.

“People of all ages need to be aware that trespassing, taking shortcuts and unsafe behaviour near railway tracks is not a joke,” he said.

“It is illegal and it is risky behaviour that endangers not only their lives but also the lives of train crew and passengers.”

Queensland Rail has released footage of the Cannon Hill incident which can be viewed at

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