Career opportunities for Chinese students


The Chinese Graduate Careers Fair Australia 2013 was held in Brisbane at Queensland University Of Technology (QUT) last Friday.

students in the career fair and talking to employers (Photo: Kan Jiang)
students in the career fair and talking to employers (Photo: Kan Jiang)

The event targeted Chinese students who are completing or have completed their degree from Australian universities and who now wish to work in China.

Nearly three hundred students participated in the fair with their resumes in hand.

Zhaopin one of the largest HR service providers in China and with introduced the employment opportunities at the beginning of the fair.

Event co-organiser Crystal Kong said there were 6.6 million graduates in June this year in China, a figure larger than the total population of Brisbane.

The competitiveness of overseas graduates is becoming weaker than before as graduates from Chinese universities speak fluent English.

Ms Kong said students studying in Australia still have an advantage.

“The advantage of the students studying in Australia is that they are able to get part-time jobs or the chance of internships which will contribute to their experience background,” she said.

Employer representatives from CPA Australia, the National Engineering Research Centre for Rubber and Tire and ANZ gave their presentations and allowed interviews conducted simultaneously.

Student majoring in International Business at University of Queensland Yao Ma said she will be applying to work with ANZ.

“China is the biggest partnership of ANZ and ANZ is trying to expand the Chinese market,” she said.

“Compared to other students in China, I am good at both Chinese and Australia culture.”

Student majoring in Finance at Griffith University Sean Liu said he attended the fair to gain a better understanding of their future employment opportunities.

“I already have two job opportunities in my hometown in China, but it’s good for me to realise the employment situation

This event will be a prelude to the offshore fair and career counselors study tour being planned in China in November/December this year.


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