Anti-Abbott rally calls for marriage equality

Source: Jonathon Noone


Hundreds of people marched on Brisbane’s King George Square at ‘anti-Abbott’ rally to protest Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s election and his Government’s policies.

Marriage equality was the key issue at the rally and there was clear resentment towards Mr Abbott and the Coalition’s stalling approach to gay marriage legislation.

The rally  was organised by Equal Love Brisbane with local left-wing political parties the Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance in attendance.

Equal Love’s Kat Henderson said this rally would be one of many.

“This is the first of many rallies against Tony Abbott,” she said.

“The next three years are going to be tough, but that’s why we must stick together.”

Miss Henderson took aim at the Government’s “civil liberties crackdown” and the Coalition’s treatment of women, asylum seekers and indigenous Australians.

The rally came a day after ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell introduced the Marriage Equality Bill into the ACT Legislative Assembly.

In response to questions his Government will block the legislation Mr Abbott said, “Under the Constitution, the Commonwealth has responsibility for marriage and the Attorney will be seeking advice on precisely how far that extends.”


  1. Under Section 51 (xxi) of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution, both states and territories have the power to make legislation is respect to marriage.

    1. Oops I meant to say: Under Section 51 (xxi) of the Australian Constitution both the Cth and States have power to make legislation in respect to marriage.

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