Rego stickers to be peeled off for good


Rego label days are numbered. Photo: Nannaphat Sritakoonrut
Rego label days are numbered. Photo: Nannaphat Sritakoonrut

The Government of Queensland has decided to abolish registration labels for light vehicles from October 1, 2014.

According to Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson, it would be a more efficient and effective method of registering vehicles which would  save up to $3.5 million a year in postage and printing costs.

“Stickerless regos will apply to all vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes which account for about 96 per cent, or 4.4 million, of vehicles registered in Queensland,”  he said.

“The key issue in making this decision was to be satisfied that there will not be an increase in the number of unregistered vehicles in Queensland.”

Mr Emerson also explained that advances in technology meant the detection of unregistered vehicles could be done using number plate recognition.

“Once the labels are no longer required, the public would be able to check the registration status of their vehicle online or by calling the TMR call centre,” he said.

Motorist Pisapat Youkongpun welcomed the government decision as she found it more convenient to register online.

“My only concern is about the registration date. The TMR should send an email or mail to remind the motorist about registration status,” she said.

Registration labels were first introduced in Queensland in 1932 and fines of up to $8800 apply for driving an unregistered vehicle.

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