Outsider art on display at Brisbane Festival


Art From The Margins exhibition . Photo: Kan Jiang
Art From The Margins exhibition . Photo: Kan Jiang

Socially isolated and disadvantaged artists showcased their talent during the 2013 Brisbane Festival at the outsider art exhibition, Art From the Margins.

The Festival committee, associated with Wesley Mission Brisbane, presented the exhibition at the Albert Street Uniting Church last Thursday.

Nearly 90 artworks in watercolour, oil, decorative painting and abstract drip painting were on display at the free exhibition.

In the creative tradition of the International Outsider Art movement, the artwork on display could be described as raw, truthful and inspirational.

Next to the art works, the artists’ own descriptions said drawing was the most interesting and exciting thing for them.

One visitor said the placards describing the artists’ work could be considered just as moving as the paintings themselves.

“In this exhibition you can feel the atmosphere from the artists’ soul and heart,” they said.

Midnight 31st December painter Craig Roveta wrote, “they say I have Autism but I say I am Craig and I am an Artist….please enjoy.”

One of the visitors to the exhibition said the artists’ put their thoughts, feelings and emotions on display through their work, whether or not they were burdened with mental illness.

“I see they employed a simplistic style that was comparable to established [outsider] artists’ work, which contains a lot of meaning,” she said.

The works were entered into the Heiser Gallery Emerging Artist Award.

Wesley Mission staff member Yvone Bruns said the paintings were entered into the competition to support the emerging artists.

“You can see the prices beside each painting, the money [from sales] will go back to the artist,” she said.

“Tell your friends, invite them here.”

The exhibition is open daily to the public until September 22 and admission is free.

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