Brisbane musicians said to expect adversity


It’s not a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll anymore, but it’s not easy - Brisbane performers face numerous challenges in getting their act off the ground. Source: MyExoplanet
It’s not a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll anymore, but it’s not easy. Source: MyExoplanet

Aspiring musicians looking to perform regularly on the Brisbane stage are now facing challenges to gain exposure.

Advice from experienced musicians has assisted up-and-comers to better understand the struggles which surround the music industry.

Regular stage performer for pop-rock duo Steel Strings & Honey John Boyle struggled in the music industry  during his four years of performing live.

“It can be hard to get yourselves out there and exposed because some agents won’t pay attention to you unless they know you, they aren’t willing to take the chance,” Mr. Boyle said.

“Fair enough they’ve been burned before, but they are now more reluctant to take a chance on those that haven’t spent thousands of dollars on a you-beaut sounding EP or promotional kit.”

Performers doing background research on each venue, as well as learning the set-list inside out is among the top ways to broadcast a professional demeanor.

“Know your stuff and do your homework,” he said.

“What songs you’re playing, what the venue is going to be like and what gear you need, whether it will be a big or smaller room, the audience – that sort of thing.

“It’s common sense really, but you’d be surprised how many new musicians don’t do any of this.”

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