Mega bunny takes over Brisbane CBD

Photo: Kan Jiang
Mega bunny in CBD. Photo: Kan Jiang


A four-metre-high pink bunny has been placed in the Queen Street Mall as part of a public art installation in the lead up to the Brisbane Festival.

The piece has attracted widespread attention from many citizens who have been amazed with the overall size of the installation.

The bunny is made of polyurethane on the outside and hosts a steel frame inside for support.

The legs, feet, head, arms and ears are all assembled into the frame.

Passersby took photos an shook hands with statue, played hide and seek, and rested on its instep.

Some onlookers used a Photoshop application to change the bunny’s face and then posted on social media.

Queen Street Mall is the third location temporary home for a bunny following placements at Westfield Cardinale shopping complex and the Translational Research Institute earlier this year.

At 6am last Friday, a woman named Lynn Tyrrell stumbled across the installation during its erection, posting it on Facebook within minutes.

One hour later the Brisbane Festival committee responded to her post, promising two free tickets to festival for her kind promotions of the bunny.

The fourth and fifth bunnies were installed at the University of Queensland and GOMA on Monday as part of the overall installation.

Several years ago, artist Stormie Mills met the Brisbane Festival’s artistic director Noel Staunton, and later sent him a small rabbit as a Christmas gift.

This year, Stormie Mills is working on these faceless rabbits to encourage Brisbane residents to interact with them on social media.

The number of bunnies and their locations will be kept under wraps with the committee hinting at potential locations to encourage people to keep their eyes peeled, posting on Facebook once they are spotted by using the hashtag #thestormiemillsproject.

Mills replies to the posts and communicates with the uploaders at any given time.

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