Labor polls slip just days before election

Source: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr
Source: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr


With only days left of the electoral campaign new figures have emerged this week citing Tony Abbott as the preferred Prime Minister.

The Newspoll published by News Corp earlier this week showed Abbott overtaking Rudd with 43 points to 41.

Abbott is also leading the Coalition on the two party preferred basis polls with 54 per cent to 46. The primary vote for Labor has again slipped four points to 33, a new low for the PM.

The Prime Minister hasn’t lost hope yet citing on ABC News Breakfast that there was still a chance that Labor could pull through and win the election.

“Anyone who thinks that this is done and dusted I don’t think has a very clear grip on Australian political history,” Mr Rudd said.

The Prime Minister was attacked by Fairfax Chairman, Roger Corbett last night, during an interview on Lateline, where Corbett stated that Rudd had undermined the Labor party.

“Here’s a man that really has done the Labor Party enormous damage, destabilised it, and is now wishing to present himself to the Australian people as the prime minister and as the incoming prime minister,” he said.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the comments, but didn’t let them phase him.

“But guess what, Australian voters make up their own minds,” he said.

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