Colombians rally in Brisbane to stop abuse against farmers in home country



Hundreds of Colombian’s have expressed their anger towards the unfair treatment and abuse of farmers at a public rally in Brisbane’s Square.

Over 200 people gathered in front of the Brisbane City Library at 10am on Saturday morning to support anti-abuse towards farmers affected by the TLC in Colombia.

Protesters marched from Brisbane to Southbank holding paintings, posters and objects relative to their home country, while also singing their national anthem.

Activist Fernando Villegas said he was proud to support his country and those who were being affected by the abuse.

“We are proud to support the farmers strike in Colombia, to whom we owe the produce of our unique food,” he said.

“We intend to sing and walk for a cause, for those unfortunate people in the country side of Colombia.

“We aim to show the world that no matter where we are or how far we are, our voices can be heard and that the farmers strike situation needs to be addressed with the highest priority.”

Rally organiser Lala Mendoza said she was grateful for those who attended the protest and commended them on their good behaviour.

“We have no words to thank all Colombians in Brisbane for the great support,” she said.

“”On behalf of our farmers I wish to simply say thanks.”

Similar protests have been held in Surfers Paradise, Melbourne and Sydney where the Colombian community of Australia have continued to show their support.

Although hundreds have expressed their anger towards the Colombian government and police for their actions against farmers, the abuse has not diminished.

The Colombian community have advised that they will continue to rally in support of farmers back home and will do whatever it takes to cease the situation.

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