Words come to life at Queensland Poetry Festival

Source:  Kat Heckenbach via WordPress

Source: Kat Heckenbach via WordPress


Poets from all over the world have gathered at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts for the 17th Annual Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF) in Brisbane.

This years’ theme, Spoken In One Strange Word, attracted a diverse selection of writers from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

Writer and performer Kelly-Lee Hickey said the festival allowed an insightful view into the direction of poetry.

“It’s the best opportunity I have as a regional writer to take the pulse of where poetry is heading,” she said.

The Queensland Poetry Festival also offered aspiring poets the opportunity to read their words aloud in front of hundreds of spectators on the open mic night.

“QPF builds community and this is important for aspiring or emerging poets to learn that they are bigger than their notebook,” she said.

The festival offered audiences a diverse selection of poetry including performances, music, readings, page read poetry, handmade installations and slam.

Festival goer Paula Tomkin said she thoroughly enjoyed the page read poetry.

“The poets were so tastefully intertwining their tales with small hints of quirkiness or humour,” she said.

“[The festival] was a truly enjoyable experience.”

Each year QPF encourages aspiring and emerging poets to become involved in the festival by opening opportunities for exposure among hundreds of festival goers.

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