Colombians set to speak out in Brisbane

Colombian activists voice their concerns in Mexico. Photo by: Colombianos in Brisbane
Colombian activists voice their concerns in Mexico. Photo by: Colombianos in Brisbane


A large group of Colombians will gather in Brisbane City on Saturday to show support for farmers in their home country who have been copping abuse from local police.

Event organiser Lala Mendoza said the idea of this meeting was to support anti-abuse legislations in Colombia, especially against farmers and their surrounds.

“It is very disappointing to see how in Colombia the people’s voice is not heard,” she said.

“We know that from every corner of the world, we do note international institutions will act.”

Among posters, ponchos, shirts and other objects representing the country, this group of immigrants want to support the Colombian farmers who have been fighting to save their businesses after the commissioning of the TLC signed by Colombia and the US.

The TLC policy will benefit large companies, representing losses in the local sector of agriculture that leads it to a possible debris field and their families.
In past days, the UN has called for calm and dialogue between the agricultural sector and the State to prevent further deaths and create peaceful solutions.

The agricultural protest has so far left four dead and several injured.

The Colombian community in Australia were not be the first to show their solidarity.

Some days before, many Colombian immigrants in Mexico, Paris and London began marching and carrying signs to show support to the farmers.

Others have created Facebook groups in Brazil, Argentina and Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) supporting the cause.

Andres Castro, an outraged Colombian who lives in Brisbane said via Facebook “We must fight against capitalism and the lack of awareness, [we] must enforce our rights and respect our families.”

Mr Castro expressed his support for the protest to be held on Saturday adding “No more suffering, no more rural families in trouble… No more excessive corrupt police… solidarity with our Colombian Brothers”.

The meeting place for the protest has not yet been confirmed but it will commence at 10am somewhere in Brisbane City.

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