Hunt for Brisbane Lions new coach proceeds despite boardroom drama

Brisbane Lions Chairman. Picture by Phillip Harsant
Brisbane Lions Chairman Angus Johnson. Picture by Phillip Harsant


Leigh Matthews has taken his seat on the Brisbane Lions selection panel to find Michael Voss’ successor despite also being a leading figure in the clubs’ boardroom stoush.

Club chairman Angus Johnson sent a letter to the clubs’ 24,000 members stating who would find the best candidate for the head-coaching position.

Johnson said he was glad politics didn’t get in the way of taking the next step towards one of the most important decisions in the clubs’ history.

“The outcome needs to deliver a Senior Coach that will take the team to the next level,” he said.

“All parties – Lions members included – agree that Leigh Matthews has a role to play on the board.

“I’ve also had an open invitation for two-and-a-half years to Leigh for him to join the board given the football expertise and presence he would bring.”

The process was decided upon despite a challenge that has seen Johnson’s position on the board, along with fellow directors Linda Nash and Cameron Milner under threat.

The directors running the rival ticket, Paul Williams and Mick Power, have also written to members asking for their support for an emergency meeting.

Williams and Powers said attempts to negotiate an amicable solution have failed and they require the support of members to move forward.

“We believe that this is an excellent time and opportunity for change at the Lions Board,” they wrote.

Supporters group, the Lion’s Roar, said in a statement on their website they hoped the board’s division could be resolved without an Extraordinary General Meeting.

“Disappointingly, communications with both parties leave us with little hope of a resolution in the near future,” the statement said.

The group has begun gathering requisition forms to ensure a resolution is obtained as soon as possible.


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