Strong crowd rallies for Equal Love

Saturday's rally saw over 1000 people campaigning for marriage equality. Photo: Tess Brooks
Saturday’s rally saw up to 1000 proponents for marriage equality gather in the Brisbane CBD. Photo: Tess Brooks


Saturday saw Brisbane’s Queens Park adorned in rainbows as up to 1000 people gathered to support marriage equality in a rally organised by Equal Love Brisbane.

The crowd gathered to hear from several guest speakers before marching through the streets of Brisbane, making an impromptu detour and taking their message up Queen Street Mall where the rally of supporters grew considerably in size.

Leader of the Greens party, Ms Christine Milne said she believes marriage equality is a matter of discrimination and ought not to be a conscience vote.

“In this country we should not be discriminating against people on the basis of sexuality,” Ms Milne said.

“We must campaign for a cross party alliance, working together to get this legislation through.”

Ms Milne addressed the growing crowd saying it is important to make sure anyone who gets married overseas can come to Australia and have their marriage recognised.

“What we need is the passion to really make Australia a country that we can be proud of in which everybody can love equally, equal under the law, and celebrate their marriages equally and I’m not going to be satisfied until that happens.”

Photo: Tess Brooks
Photo: Tess Brooks

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