Don’t be restless, just stress less

Stress in the workplace is all too common. Source:
Stress in the workplace is all too common. Source:


Whether it is a small business owner, a casual employee or a student, moments of stress or anxiety are an unwelcome occurrence in day-to-day life.

Establishing ways to manage and eliminate stress can help your performance in the workplace as well as offer a sense of mental well being.

While some are capable in dealing with stressful situations, others unfortunately have trouble channeling it into decisive workplace action.

Life coach and owner of Total Balance Kate James told that if stress is generating a negative impact on your personal life, it is not  worth it.

“If you find that you’re not sleeping or you’re suffering from symptoms of anxiety, a really important question is are you energised by it or are you depleted by it?” Ms James said.

High levels of stress can take a toll on the central nervous system which can release the hormone cortisol.

Higher levels of cortisol can result in muscle breakdown, bone formation problems and the suppression of immune system functions.

Director of Learn Music, Mr Shayne Browne, understands the important role of regeneration and relaxation when managing stress.

“I’ve found that getting away every three to four months helps with the pressure of small business ownership,” Mr Browne said.

So before you snap a pencil or pull your hair out, remember that there are always strategies and advice available to help eliminate stress.

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