Australia among top 10 source countries of UK’s immigration

Immigrant Louise B. plans to return to Europe in the near future. Source: Aneta Zilvarova
Immigrant Louise B. plans to return to Europe in the near future. Source: Aneta Zilvarova


The United Kingdom has experienced the steepest increase in population in Europe and the highest birth rate since 1972, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed in its Annual Mid-Year Population Estimates on 8 August 2013.

Despite a drop in the Australian population in the UK by 22,000 between 2010 and 2011, Australia remains one of the main source countries of UK’s immigrants along with China, India, Germany, USA, Pakistan and Poland.

 In June 2012 the population in the UK was estimated to be around 63.7 million representing a 0.7% growth in comparison to data released in 2011.

The figures show that the population boom was primarily caused by immigration – more than a quarter of all newborns had a non-UK mother and around four in ten of the additional residents were immigrants.

The estimated inflow of migrants was 517,800 and net international migration increased by 39% to 165,600.

According to the DIC report ‘Trends in Migration: Australia 2010-2011’, the UK is the most popular destination for Australian-born immigrants.

In December 2011 there were 107,000 Australian-born residents in the UK, 43,000 of which were living in London.

The majority of Australian immigrants in the UK are aged between 25 and 45 and are employed in the two highest paid occupational categories – managerial and professional.

The Labour Force Survey conducted in 2011 revealed male Australians working in the UK have the highest hourly wage, £with £23.74 an hour on average, whereas UK males are paid £13.90.

Louise B. spent 15 years in Kent, South East England, working as a psychologist, obtaining a British citizenship with plans to return to the UK in the near future.

“Australia is a great country but I love England…its history and culture fascinates me. … It is your roots [and] I feel connected,” she said.

If this demographic trend continues the UK is expected to outnumber Germany and France to become the most populous country in Europe by 2050.

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