Prevention is better than a cure for Brisbane’s nightclub patrons

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Night safety has been an ongoing concern for years and exposure to support organisations for distressed patrons is paramount.

Statistics indicate that risks of long-term neurological and social deficiencies are linked to excessive alcohol consumption although immediate health risks may be far more fatal.

Senior chaplain for ChaplainWatch Mr Lance Mergard has seen these damaging instances first hand.

“We patrol the entertainment districts like Fortitude Valley, West End and the City to collectively aid anyone in crisis as a result of alcohol or other drugs,” Mr Mergard said.

“We have seen far too many situations where people are no longer able to care for themselves and get into dangerous situations, so we lend a hand.

“The anti-social behaviour, violence or health-issues related to over-intoxication has been going on for too long.”

Physical incoordination or lapses of good judgment can make it difficult to take care of yourself or others while out.

“Some good advice is sticking with your mates and watching out for them if they’re in need,” he said.

“We have recently established a Rest and Recovery centre in Chinatown in Fortitude Valley Mall, so seeking help at facilities such as this is also beneficial.”

Knowing your limits as well as where to turn to if things go wrong can prevent overdose and hospitalisation or even death.

Have fun but remember only Superman is Superman and only Charlie Sheen is Charlie Sheen.

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