Report reveals no new growth in greenhouse emissions

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr


The growth in greenhouse emissions in Australia has come to a standstill.  That’s according to new research released this week.

The ClimateWorks Australia report signalled a major step in energy efficiency toward the national five per cent emissions reduction target by 2020.

ClimateWorks Australia Head of Research Amandine Denis said the study gives an insight into how much emissions reduction activity is already taking place in Australia.

“This is the first time that this has been done in such a comprehensive and comparative way,” she said.

“We looked at what’s happening behind the headline numbers of emissions and energy use in Australia and it was interesting to observe that Australia’s transition towards a low carbon economy is already under way and that activity is happening in all the sectors.”

Australian Youth Climate Coalition Queensland Coordinator Fred Stark said the nations’ youth play a large role in supporting emissions reduction efforts.

“The voice of young people is really powerful in changing the way that a community thinks and the way that politicians think,” he said.

“I think the reduction’s going a little faster than people predicted in the past which shows really positive attitudes in the Australian people to make change.

“But five per cent is really not enough, so hopefully this success will show people we can do higher and encourage people to try harder.”

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