Day for the homeless ‘really successful’

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr


Many people turned out in record numbers to a local BBQ for the homeless.

The event was held in memory of Raph who was Brisbane’s first Big Issue vendor who sadly passed away on the 15th of July this year.

On Saturday, The Polite Team, a non-profit charitable online organisation held a barbeque for the homeless people of Wynnum, Manly and surrounding suburbs.

Wynnum, like other suburbs has an increasing number of people becoming homeless due to financial problems and family matters.

The event was organised to help provide a healthy meal for the homeless but also provided them with an opportunity to receive donated goods from the general public, such as clothes, radios, blankets and shoes.

Daniel Henderson, one of the volunteers who helped with the barbeque was happy with the turn out and hopes that more events like this happen.

“Today has been really successful,” he said.

“It’s great to see many people come out and support these disadvantaged people, and to do something this caring is great to see. I hope events like this continue.”

The Polite Team, who were responsible for this event, haven’t commented whether another event like this will happen.

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