Australia says ‘no’ to Tomorrowland

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr


Three days of absolute madness is wrapping up in the small town of Boom, Belgium, as 2013 marks the eighth birthday of Tomorrowland.

The massive dance festival encompasses famously acclaimed international DJ’s, this year staging the likes of Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Avicii and David Guetta, and is attended by 180,000 festivalgoer’s from over 214 countries.

By the sheer popularity of Tomorrowland, its exuberant earnings have made it possible for the festival to expand and the festival is gracing America for the first time ever this year.

At the cost of $16 million, the international acts and festival sets will be shipped to the spin off from Tommowland, TomorrowWorld, which is being held on an 8,000 acre farm in Chattshoochee Hills, Georgia in September.

When festival organisers Michiel and Manu Beers spoke De Tijd, a Belgian financial newspaper, they discussed their desires to take Tomorrowland to every continent and believe the idea of world domination would be an exciting venture.

With Australia potentially on the horizon to host Tomorrowland in the future, many music punters believe that Australia does not need another music festival.

Shawnee Zinga, a Brisbane local, who attended Tomorrowland this year for her second year in a row, commented on the prospects of Tomorrowland potentially coming to Australian shores.

“Although I thoroughly love the festival, Tomorrowland’s attraction is its exclusivity and it’s extremely multicultural crowd,” she said.

“Australia is far too isolated from other countries to gain a similar crowd.”

That is not to say that the idea would be unpopular amongst Australians, as recently a fake Facebook page popped up cyberspace called “Tomorrowland Australian TOUR 2014”, and gained a following of 45,000 hopeful Australian Facebook users.

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