Bulimba location adds fresh new twist to Max Brenner franchise

Ben SmithMax-Brenner-main

The recently opened Max Brenner chocolate bar in Bulimba is proving to be a welcome addition to the diverse selection of restaurants that vibrant Oxford Street has to offer.

While the menu has not changed, the Oxford Street atmosphere really adds something unique to the Max Brenner experience, in what is the popular Australian franchise’s 29th location.

There was a steady flow of customers to the shop when we took our seats outside on a Saturday afternoon, which made the experience somehow more inviting.

We brought ravenous appetites with us, and started our chocolate-inspired feast with a Euphoria Banana Split Waffle Sundae ($14.50).

The dish was a little on the pricey side for the size of the serving, but it certainly provided tastebud satisfaction.

While not a new combination, the chocolate and banana mix tasted amazing and there was a definitive chocolaty flavour to the dish that made it really rich, contrasting well with the fruit.

After another look at the menu, the Chocolate Pizza with a Crunch ($16.00) really caught our eye so we decided to give it a go.

The chocolate in the pizza was really rich but, then again, that’s the beauty of the Max Brenner experience.

Once we got over the richness of the dish, which was an ideal size for sharing, we found that the flavours of the toppings – which included pure melted chocolate, marshmallows, caramelised pecans, cornflakes and white chocolate drops on a crunchy base – blended well together and were extremely satisfying.

For a final treat we shared a Banana Milk Chocolate Frappe ($8.60), which, true to Max Brenner form, was both rich and filling.

The banana and chocolate blend once again produced a fantastic combination of flavour for our tastebuds.

Overall, our experience was indulgent, satisfying and very, very welcoming.

We would definitely recommend Max Brenner Bulimba for anyone with a sweet tooth or a hankering for a serious chocolate hit.

And remember, if you’re short on cash and only want a small chocolate hit, a Brenner hot chocolate will do.

Menu items start from as little as $2.50, while the most expensive item on the menu, the chocolate fondue for two, is $19.

Overall, however, the prices are not unreasonable for a dessert bar, which ensures there is something for everyone at Max Brenner.

But be warned – the EFTPOS minimum is $15, so be sure to bring some cash with you if you only plan a minor indulgence.

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