The Source News

The Source News is a weekly radio broadcast and online multimedia news site produced by second and third year Griffith university Journalism students.

Covering news and current affairs around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the web site has received over two thousand unique visitors in the past month since weekly publication began.
Broadcast on Global digital radio, The Source News is available for download from the website as a pod cast, and online versions of the stories are also published.
Well regarded in the industry, The Source News is rapidly building its readership and listening audience.  Other news sites and blogs are referring to the site, and linking to stories on The Source News as a preferred news source.
Key Statistics
Unique Audience: between 124 – 325 daily.
Unique Visitors for Month August : 2835
Profile: Male 61% Female 39% (approximation)
Degree: Yes
Income: Low – Middle
Age : 18 – 45
Location: Brisbane and Gold Coast

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